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The US Government is pushing for a 5 percent excise tax on any cosmetic procedure not deemed medically necessary.
The tax would be aimed at any cosmetic surgery procedure prohibited under Section 213 of the Tax Code, which covers eligible and non-eligible itemized deductions for medical expenses.

According to IRS Publication 502, that includes "any procedure that is directed at improving the patient's appearance and does not meaningfully promote the proper function of the body or prevent or treat illness or diseases."

This would include:

  • Botox
  • Liposuction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Teeth whitening
  • Face lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Hair transplants
  • Breast augmentation
  • Other aesthetic procedures

Senate Bill Excerpt

Page 2045 SEC. 9017. EXCISE TAX ON ELECTIVE COSMETIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES. (a) IN GENERAL.-Subtitle D of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended by this Act, is amended by adding at the end the following new chapter: "CHAPTER 49-ELECTIVE COSMETIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES "Sec. 5000B. Imposition of tax on elective cosmetic medical procedures. "SEC. 5000B. IMPOSITION OF TAX ON ELECTIVE COSMETIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES. "(a) IN GENERAL.-There is hereby imposed on any cosmetic surgery and medical procedure a tax equal to 5 percent of the amount paid for such procedure (determined without regard to this section), whether paid by insurance or otherwise. "(b) COSMETIC SURGERY AND MEDICAL PROCEDURE.-For purposes of this section, the term 'cosmetic surgery and medical procedure' means any cosmetic surgery (as defined in section 213(d)(9)(B)) or other similar procedure which- "(1) is performed by a licensed medical professional, and "(2) is not necessary to ameliorate a deformity arising from, or directly related to, a congenital abnormality, a personal injury resulting from an accident or trauma, or disfiguring disease. "(c) PAYMENT OF TAX.- "(1) IN GENERAL.-The tax imposed by this section shall be paid by the individual on whom the procedure is performed. "(2) COLLECTION.-Every person receiving a payment for procedures on which a tax is imposed under subsection (a) shall collect the amount of the tax from the individual on whom the procedure is performed and remit such tax quarterly to the Secretary at such time and in such manner as provided by the Secretary. "(3) SECONDARY LIABILITY.-Where any tax imposed by subsection (a) is not paid at the time payments for cosmetic surgery and medical procedures are made, then to the extent that such tax is not collected, such tax shall be paid by the person who performs the procedure.". (b) CLERICAL AMENDMENT.-The table of chapters for subtitle D of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended by this Act, is amended by inserting after the item relating to chapter 48 the following new item: "CHAPTER 49-ELECTIVE COSMETIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES". (c) EFFECTIVE DATE.-The amendments made by this section shall apply to procedures performed on or after January 1, 2010.

Who will bear the burden?


Despite the growing popularity of plastic surgery procedures among men, 86 percent of cosmetic surgery patients are women.

Middle Class

The 2004 Patient Demographic Survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons finds that nearly "a third of people considering plastic surgery reported average household incomes below $30,000".

Medical Professionals

Plastic surgeons, medical spa owners, anti aging physicians, dentists, and other medical business owners will face an increased tax burden as their services become less affordable. Many may close their doors due to decline in business, which would further contribute to growing unemployment rates.

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Latest Comments by Fellow Petitioners

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"This Law is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS and UNFAIR. Cosmetic Suegery enhances one's quality of Life. It's not like it's Tobacco that causes cancer. I have no doubt in my mind that it is mostly a Republican Tax. It seems to me that they want all the Tax Loopholes to go to Big Corporations, but when it comes to "We the People" - basically the Middle Class, it's an altogether different story. This has got to be STOPPED because it's going to hinder some of us from seeking 'The Pursuit of Happiness' which is laid out in writing on the Constitution's 'BILLS OF RIGHTS'. STOP THIS MADNESS!!! "
-- Lisa, MSPsy

"This Law is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS and UNFAIR. Cosmetic Suegery enhances one's quality of Life. It's not like it's Tobacco that causes cancer. I have no doubt in my mind that it is mostly a Republican Tax. It seems to me that they want all the Tax Loopholes to go to Big Corporations, but when it comes to "We the People" - basically the Middle Class, it's an altogether different story. This has got to be STOPPED because it's going to hinder some of us from seeking 'The Pursuit of Happiness' which is laid out in writing on the Constition's 'BILLS OF RIGHTS'. STOP THIS MADNESS!!! "
-- Lisa, MSPsy

"I shouldn't be punished because I am 20 years old and have SAVED for my breast augmentation!"
-- Alyssa

"This like so much of the goverment's ideas is just another way to spend our hard earned money. If a person wants to approve his or hers apperance what or who has the right to add yet another tax? Enough. It is time the people stand up for themselves and start letting our represetatives know we mean business. Can Nancy Pelosi spell Botox without missing a beat. I doubt it. I'm sure she has dozens of dr's and procedure's done in each state she has ever visited."
-- Patricia, BA

"Some people that work for there money already got taxed once and they saved enough money to do the surgery and now you want to tax the money that was already taxed on once. Plus the hospitals are paying taxes on the surgeries and so are the businesses that are doing the procedures. You guys are going to want to approve tax on food next. Thanks but no thanks. Find other ways"
-- John

"THIS IS NOT FAIR!We pay ENOUGH freakin taxes.Go find another way to get money,like not spending it foolishly.These are medical procedures,needed or not,keep your paws off and stop being so GREEDY!"
-- Bonnie

"Why would it matter if I had any degree(s)? "
-- Sharon

"Crazy!!! What are they thinking?"
-- Dawn, 4year

"I am against this tax because I believe in a person�s right to be happy and decide what they want to do with their body without being taxed for it. I want people in America to feel comfortable when they look at themselves in the mirror without having to pay more money on top of what they already have to get to see what they always wanted. . So if it helps people in America feel better, are more productive and are provided with a positive outlook to life just because they got plastic surgery then I am all for it. It is discriminatory and violating in every sense of privacy that a person should have when having any medical procedure. "

""Please do not pass the cosmetic tax! The tax is a discrimination against woman. Women are already underpaid for the same jobs they do as men. Now we want to penalize them further? I do not think it is fair to penalize those who have worked hard and saved money to improve themselves. The tax is not the answer to the health care problem" This tax is a shortcut and being used as an excuse. This won't work just like it didn't work on cigarettes. Look at the crap this caused in the UK? HELLO!!!! History speaks! It appears we need more women in congress to be represented as the men continue to take away the things women need to compete in this world. "
-- Gayle, BSE, MSE

"This is absolutely unfair. People that earn the top 10% of the income of this country should be the ones paying more taxes. this is unfair, inappropriate and will just create a more unhappy society."
-- Julie, BS business

"I oppose this tax. "
-- Jackie

"This should not be taxed. If someone works hard enough to be able to afford it, they shouldn't be penalized."
-- Elisabeth, Medical Aesthetics

"NO cosmetic sales tax!"
-- Rebecca

"Unfair and unacceptable. Another way goverment wants to control us."
-- Wilberto, MD

-- Martha

"In todays economy, with people looking for jobs, it is important to look your best! Plus some people including me, use Botox for chronic pain. I've had 2 cervical spinal fusions and suffer from chronic headaches, front and back neck pain. Botox is the only thing that corrects this! Why should I be penalized?!!!!! Kate O'Connor"
-- Kathleen, Medical Esthetician

"This is absolutely ridiculous!"
-- Gina, B.S.N.

""I, The Undersigned, urge decision makers at all levels of U.S. Government to stop the Plastic Procedure Tax.""
-- C

"How many times can one be taxed!!!"
-- Cynthia

"This proposed tax is absolutely ridiculous!"
-- Margarita, BA

"People should not be taxed when they need to have some help with their looks when applying for a job, or keeping an existing job."
-- Debbie, AA

"This is a no brainer - anyone needing to improve their chances of getting a job benefit greatly from cosmetic surgery. It is also a self-esteem issue and can help people who are on psche-medicine to reduce or eliminate the necessity for very expensive drugs. What's next - dental taxes?"
-- James

"I have been recieving botax injections for over a decade. This is already a luxury that I pay a high price for. As a middle income, baby boomer who has undergone numerous other elective procedures,I finds this propsal outrageous to say the least. Further, it appears to be sexist and discriminatory towards women. LEAVE THIS ALONE!! "
-- Barbara, Bachelors

"This is the beginning of a slippery slope and the institution of a "Value Added Tax (VAT)", which made its first debut in the U.K. in the 1970's. It also threatens the Americans fundamental right of self-determination. "
-- Lavinia, MD

"I can't believe they would stoop to this, just to help pay for that stupid health care reform mess anyway. I hope all of those who voted "For Change", are happy with what they ended up with."
-- Connie

"This tax is not the answer to the problem. If they continue like this, what would be next? Bodybuilding gym memberships and nutritional supplements?"
-- Wendy, Accountant

"I am against this tax! It is discriminating against middle class women."
-- Denise

"It is incredible to me that the government would consider such a discriminatory tax. I say NO to this outrageous bill! "
-- Charlene

"please don't do this!!!! "
-- Lindsay, BA, MSW

"What will the government tax next? This is ridiculous! I wouldn't ask anyone to pay for my cosmetic surgery, therefore, I shouldn't have to pay tax on it to contribute toward someone elses! If I want to save money to have cosmetic surgery that's my business. The government sees it as a big money making business and wants to get their grubby, greedy, narcisstic hands on it. Leave it alone!!!! "
-- Barbara, BA

"NO to cosmetic procedure tax "
-- Suzanne, MBA

"I work very hard to save up and pay for botox treatments. I pay enough in taxes as it is to pay for those who don't have insurance. Keep the public option out and let insurance companies compete for the business. Think about tort reform to bring down costs. This administration is too socialistic."
-- Gayle

"Stop the Plastic Procedure Tax!"
-- Janet

"I don't think that it's right that because I work my butt off and save my money, that if I wish to get botox or any other elective procedure that I should be taxed in order to pay for some crack whore's abortion. It's completely socialist."
-- Laura, B.S. and M.S. in Accounting

"This is just wrong! Most individuals have cosmetic procedures not because of vanity, but to improve their self-esteem and to compete in the marketplace increasing their likelihood of gainful employment."
-- Afreen, MD

"Please do not pass the cosmetic tax! The tax is a discrimination against woman. I do not think it is fair to penalize those who have worked hard and saved money to reward themselves how they see fit. The tax is not the answer to the health care problem"
-- Julie

"The administration and auditing of this tax would be excessive and likely cost more than the tax would bring in. Any audits would also violate any HIPPA laws."
-- Brian, MD

"DX with breast cancer at 33, I would need a cosmetic procedure to have my breasts the same size -- all cosmetic surgery is not necessarily 'elective'."
-- Kelly

"Please do not tax the plastic procedures. I have to wait to retire to get sa procedure done due to the fact that i cannot miss any days off work and by the time i retire i will have saved enough money to get the procedure."
-- Luz

"No,please. This is a very hard decition to make sometime in our lifes.We learn how to save a little extra day by day. I am not reach. I am still paying $300.00 per month to the credit card that approve my loan. I just want to feel good about my self, NOW I HAVE TO WORRY OF PAYING TAXES!!! NO NO NO"
-- Rosa, Spanish teacher

"I am in the sales industry. I feel that my looks and self-esteem help sale the products that I am marketing. I feel more confident making my job performance more successful for my family and company. With out - I am working in a man's world and will be replaced by a younger version. "
-- L

"we pay enough taxes in every area possible, i do not support taxing plastic surgery."
-- Leticia

"Government should not have any control over personal choices for cosmetic procedures as well as our health care "
-- Christina, RN

"I have worked for a plastic surgeon for over 10 years. I think this tax is so unfair to patients. Some people really have serious issues with their personal flaws and having them fixed improve their self esteem immensley. Many patients sacrifice a lot to pay for their surgery (loans, 2nd mortgages) and it is so cruel and unfair to add a tax."
-- Gina

"no more taxes"
-- Gail, high school

" Do the members of congress stay awake 24 HOURS every day thinking of ways to tax the american people? Please take a brake(no I did not spell brake wrong)."
-- Gary, BA Business

"Unfair tax to women and middleclass. Many patients are hard working mothers and single mothers, who budget their money to improve deformities they incurred during pregnancy just to return their image of themselves to normal. This is a punitive tax. This is not equivalent to taxes on cigarettes or alcohol which cost our nation billions of dollars in medical costs, cancer treatments, motor vehicle accidents etc.. "
-- Lisa, M.D.

"How is taxing going to help the economy,seems the only solution to prob;ems is to tax more."
-- Cj, n/a

"Is it ever going to be enough. The level we are taxed does beyond what we as US ciitzens can endure. Stop, stop, stop. The politicians are killing our country."
-- Diane, 3

"These procedures are expensive enough without adding a tax to it! "
-- Susan

"This is a ridiculous tax and one we do not need!"
-- Graciela, B.A. & M.P.A.

"Stop this tax and spen philosophy. Have you ever heard of budgeting."
-- Marie, Masters


"The chief concern is that higer prices will send patients to underqualified physicians. This boils down to a safety issue when patients are forced to shop "price."
-- Cynthia

"How will this tax affect medically necessary reconstructive surgeries e.g. post mastectomies, skin flaps to repair burns etc"

"please do not put a tax on plastic surgery.I saved for years to have a produre done which changed my self esteem and life. i could not have done it if they have a tax on these produres and would have spent many more years depressed."
-- Debra

"stop the tax proposal on cosmetic surgery ---it is unfare and discrimnates against women"
-- Suzanne, R.N.

"This isn't just about the "new" patient who has a procedure....but what about patients from the past who need a revision or corrective procedure done? Isn't it hard enough on them financially w/ out this tax?"
-- Jennifer

"I do not support this tax! the government rewards banks and companies that mismanage their money, but wants to tax private citizens in excess when they save their hard earned money for cosmetic surgery. It's wrong! "
-- Melissa, MSW

""I, The Undersigned, urge decision makers at all levels of U.S. Government to stop the Plastic Procedure Tax.""
-- Monica

"Plastic Procedure Tax? This is crazy!Many people save for years to be able to improve their appearance."
-- Cynthia

"I'm saving my pennies for a face lift on my 60 birthday. I'm budgeting and cutting so much I only havr this one thing to look forward to in 2 years. How about the Feds calling in the bonuses paid to the Banking, Insurance and other corporate fat cats? This will be as successful as the Luxury Tax on yachts, cars and jewelry.....NOT! "
-- Lori, MHS

"NO to cosmetic sales tax "
-- Nicki

"How unfair, but what do you expect out of the Democrats!!!"
-- Dianne

"what's next.... taxing fat people for their large carbon foodprint? "
-- Melissa

"I think you should tax clothing. The bigger the size, the more the tax. After all, obesity is the #1 health problem in the country. Don't tax the one's who are trying to better themselves. This makes me sick."
-- Ashli


"As a consumer and medical professional I find this absurd. Elective procedures are an out-of-pocket expense for patients and are costly medical services. Taxing cosmetic procedures is purely an act of desperation on the part of the government."
-- Michelle

"One more way to tax those who actually have a job, so the government can keep the poor from ever being anything but poor. Stop punishing success and rewarding failure in this country. I am an RN, and I support the industry of cosmetic enhancement as a client as well. This is about unfair taxation, not about elective procedures. It's theivery. Socialism is never a good idea. Ask a Canadian."
-- Leslie, RN

"This is extremely unfair to the patients I care for and is another veiled tax on the middle class. No question about it."
-- Leonard, MD

"This tax effects such a targeted group of people, women with moderate household incomes. This is why I see this bill as un-fair and far from a luxery tax. Please do American women a service by not taxing us for helping ourself feel better about ourselves. What is next, extra tax at the gym?"
-- Molly, Associates of Art

"Another example of taxing success and sacrificing small businesses for the poor-so we can all be poor someday?"
-- Michael, B.S.,D.O.

"A cosmetic surgery tax would target working women and burden physicians. It would violate privacy. Please oppose this new tax."
-- Donato, MD

"Stop spending research on male enhancement and spend it on preventive care for women and children Doctors are already being taxed enough. Patients should be able to receive procedures without additional burdens of taxes"
-- Ann, md

"There should not be a tax on cosmetic procedures."
-- Marcia

"This tax is discriminatory. There is no foundation for some surgeons to tax certain procedures and others not to. No healthcare procedure should be considerd "retail"amalga"
-- Becky

"I am a plastic surgeon. With the downturn in the economy, I have struggled not to layoff staff. Since cometic surgery is very price sensitive, the additional 5% cost will decrease the the number of people who have surgery. When that happens, it will not be able to pay all my staff and jobs will be lost."
-- Fred

"It's a stupid idea to penalize folks for trying to improve the quality of their lives."
-- Anthony, BA

"I work hard to eat well, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle. I have a full-time career and save to have any cosmetic procedure I choose for myself. Why am I being penalized for doing something to compliment my hard work to pay for those who have no restrictions or incentives to live a healthy lifestyle? The two most preventable diseases are the most costly for the healthcare system, yet no additional taxes or restrictions are in place to reduce those behaviors."
-- Heather

"I am against the Cosmetic Surgery Tax which includes, Botox, or any other cosmetic procedure. I believe this tax targets women."
-- Jerri

"stop this crazy random tax"
-- Sanjay, md

"Why not tax the individuals who "work" in order to pay for those who do not? No one has ever given me anything. I've always worked for what I have as well as the majority of patients I see in my practice. "
-- Cynthia, BSN, MSHSA,MSN, DNP

"I am an aspiring cosmetic surgeon, and will be entering medical school shortly. I think this tax is outrageous and needs to be stopped. The people for this tax are grossly uninformed, and that's dangerous in a democracy. Something needs to be done."
-- Vera

"So, the tax-payers are not going to bear the burden? Right!! I am not wealthy and why am I expected to pay the expenses of other's poor health decisions (smoking, morbid obesity)and be extra taxed for my personal choices!!"
-- Regina

"this feels like tall people have to pay 5% tax"
-- Kam, M.D.

""Making Something I Can Afford, Unaffordable""
-- Michele

"This tax assumes that people getting these procedures are rich...this is NOT TRUE!!! I have many patients that save $20 a week just so they can come in every 3 months to get Botox."
-- Sarah, Masters Physician Assistant

"Another incredibly regressive tax idea to come from a rushed process. It is disappointing and sophomoric. "
-- Paula, Masters

"The economy is alreaedy down enough.. lets not hurt the people that would like to have stuff done. "
-- Ashley

"tax patients and it will send them overseas and it will not help the USA economy."
-- Hidee

"Why are allways doctors and medical fields the points of misserable attacks? Why is never the Attorneys who steal money from clients in a daily basis? We need to stop for once and for ever the way doctors are punished. If a patient worked all his or her life and save the money, why they have to pay taxes if they decided to use that money in a cosmetic procedure.Haven we already paid taxes on that money, As far as I know we pay taxes x every penny we made. Why do we have to pay a tax on top of a tax Is Mrs. Obama going to pay taxes too? If the government needs money, why don't reduce the amount of people that "work" and that is a quotation for the multiple offices around the country. How many times we have been set aside to wait while those so called employees chat or drink coffee? Thank you for allowed me to put my little imput. By the way why don't we put a high tax on people that manage students loans, like Sally mae. We paid x the rest of our life while they became reach. Again Thank you"
-- Elsa, BS/MAster of Organizational business

"I am a surgeon who operates on cosmetic and general surgery patients. A tax on cosmetic surgery procedures, to cover the health care bill will simply drive these procedures underground. Patients will be given a 5% cash discount. Alternatively, physicians will simply raise the advanced beneficiary fees to insured patients by 5%. Bad idea!"
-- Demetrios, M.D.

"As a patient who has had surgery in the past and will be having surgery in the future. I do not think that a tax like this is really going to make a difference. It is just going to make people who can not really afford having surgery to not have surgery."
-- Shaun

"Ridiculous tax"
-- Shanell

"This is outrageous!!!!!!!! I work 2 jobs. It is discriminating!!!!!!!"
-- Patricia

"Against entire health care bill. People always afford what they want (boats, new cars, cigarettes). "
-- Liz

"I completely support the plastic surgery tax especially when there is no medical necessity. PLease go ahead and pass this bill as people undergoing these procedures are usually very well off. thank you Nate"
-- Nate, MA

"This tax is absurd. Tax Goldman Sachs on their profits for one quarter and you can payback some of the money you "borrowed" from the american people to bail out the banking industry.This tax discriminates and dissuades!"
-- Nick, MD

"This tax will break patients like me who aren't wealthy and scrape to get the few treatments that improves quality of life."
-- Michele


"Where are we going to stop? Reconstructive surgeries, orthodontist services, eye laser corrective surgerie and etc. Impossing taxes on cosmetic procedures would create a decline in revenues, causing unenployment. What are our officials thinking???? Let's trim govermental expenses and war costs."
-- Rosana, JD

"The insurance companies have been trying for years to control the medical field. What about women with breast cancer, who have lost their breasts and want augmentation?"
-- Diana

"This is a failed strategy that will not save any of the nations's economic problems. Patients seeking cosmetic surgery are not rich and this is not a luxury tax. Most patients are middle class citizens who are hard working women that have saved for years to perform the procedures to improve their self esteem. Do you think that this should be TAXED????"
-- Jacob, MD

"The tax on cosmetic procedures has been a failure in New Jersey with regard to raising large sums of money. The tax unfairly discriminates against women. Collecting the tax also puts an extra burden on doctors who already require extra staff just to coordinate insurance. Now we become tax collectors as well."
-- Bruce, MD

"More taxes and waste"
-- Russel, MD

"Please do not pass this bill, it will be determental to our practise since the #1 clientel is the middle class. I dont feel that our physician should become a tax collector and should be liable to enforce this ridiculous Bill."
-- Linda, LPN

"This is unfair taxation on middle class people, primarily women, and shows discrimination in its use on this population. This tax did not work or is in the process of being dismantled in several states already. If put in practice, it will further promote medical tourism or plastic surgery in other countries, where it will then be even cheaper relatively than it is now. This will further hurt our own doctors, who are trying to survive in this difficult economy. Also, I see that they intend to tax even "cosmetic surgery" which is paid for by insurance. THERE IS NO COSMETIC SURGERY BEING PAID FOR BY INSURANCE ANY MORE ! Anything being paid for by insurance now is by definition they NOT cosmetic surgery! Also, how are they going to find out if this "tax" is being paid by the many many doctors who are injecting Botox, fillers, etc - including dentists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners? Are they also going to go through our records? THis is an incredible intrusion."
-- Robin, MD

"I feel this is an unfair tax. Cosmetic sx and procedures makes people feel better about themselves; therefore may make them happier and strive to be healthier. These are people who pay taxes and the government is again punishing them. "
-- Heather, A.A.

"Patient's should be able to spend discretionary income on what they please especially on "elective" procedures which are NOT a burden to the health care system. This proposal is just another example of how the federal government is trying to control and tax hard working middle class americans who already pay their fair share of taxes. This dicretionary income being spend on cosmetic procedures is after tax money being taxed again! Shame on our elective representatives for even proposing the Plastic Procedure Tax. I hope their government "Cadillac" health plans are taxed as well and not subsidized by the government!"
-- Layne, D.O., FAOCD

"I am so frustrated with this government and all the politicians..we need term limits for the House and Senate this is not what our foundling fathers intended. "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely""
-- Mary Ann

"down with the bo-tax. it's an unfair tax."
-- Missi

"I support a Healthcare bill that protects the rights of everyone to seek the care they can afford and deserve. If there will be taxation on any medical procedures; then it should be on all, not a selective few. Whether it be elective or required an individual decides what services to seek. The proposed taxation is a travisty is discrimination of irrevocable proportions."

"These taxes are ridiculous!!!"
-- Alan

"unfair to place tax on people that are willing or able to pay for a service. "
-- Susan, BSN,

"Completely absurd."
-- Robin, Bachelor of Arts

"please stop the tax"
-- Paul, md

"I feel thistx is descriminatory and unfair."
-- Mark

"This is an absurd, whimsical approach to help cover the costs of this proposed outrageous health care bill and places unnecessary, unfair burdens on a small select group. Instead we should figure out what the dollar value of the gifts and perks that have been given to each of our "worthy" representatives in Washington and have them pay a 5% luxury tax."
-- Stephen, MD

-- JOEL, A.S. A.A

"This idea is really ridiculous. Why doesn,t this country sell war bonds to make elective wars deficit neutral?"
-- Joan, BA

"The idea of a aesthetic surgery tax is absurd. My life has changed for the better from it, and I paid for the entire amounts without insurance or government aid. It has taken this bill to make me interested in voting against anyone supporting this tax, and helping others do the same. "
-- Gary, MS Physics,BSPhysics

"I am against this tax on cosmetic procedures."
-- Ofelia, MA Educ.

"Please reconsider deleating this tax. This would also inclue people who have lost many pounds of weight with the flesh hanging. We can't affor this. Why add this extra burden to the American people? Arn't most of these paid for by the patient? "
-- Arthur, BA +

"I am a partial owner in a 3 yr old clinic that has been barely making it the last yr because of the economy. We do not need another reason for our patients to be given an excuse to stop treatment. Alot of theses treatments have been life changing (for the better) for these women."
-- Jolene, CLT

"could put me out of business, a shame as I still mostly reconstructive surgery"
-- Christine, MD

"This is the most sexist law I've seen. 84% of The senates voting on this are men. A disproportionate amount of this tax will affect woman. it is truly an unfair tax on woman. This had to have been thought up by a man."
-- Marilyn, J.D.

-- Wendy, M. Ed.

"It's bad enough we dont get any medical coverage either thrugh insurance or Medicare for cosmetic procedures, not to mention even taking time off to recover (unpaid leave) because it's not considered a "necesary" procedure. We have struggled and saved our hard earned money for these procedures and now this, this is a slap in the face for the women and men trying to improve a little of our lives to feel better."
-- Mel, BA LMT

"This has nothing to do with race or gender. This is a take over of the American people so the government can control our society. I find these crazy, insurance companies won�t pay for the surgery; it is paid by the individual and with the assumption that the money they are using is from working and has already been taxed to the hilt. This is all about government control. So what�s next vacation tax??? If this government passes this who's next? If they would stop wasting tax payer�s money and focus on our country we would be ok, but instead we go in and bomb the hell out of china, Iraq etc then pay to rebuild them so our tax dollars go towards the destruction of other countries then the rebuild of those countries. Plastic surgery tax, ha, I never thought I would be alive to hear this one and I am 39 yrs old. And I may want that option to have a surgery, just like 3 years ago I had Lasik for my eyes and had to finance that if it would have had a tax I would have never been able to afford the procedure. Soon they will have a television tax for anyone who has cable or dish. Tax more on alcohol, tobacco. I think if we let this tax pass with out a fight soon they will tax medications! Eating out, etc. for any of you whom believe this is ok, it's not, this is not about the luxury of changing ones appearance or improving it this is all about GOVERMENT CONTROL. What happened to the land of the free, we are all caged like animals with the satellite cameras etc. some of you mention taxing other things and events, NO. The Government needs to take a pay cut and fund the deficit, do you really think the house, senate etc worry about food, electric, gas, living expense. Look at the payroll of our government. Why should we the American people suffer any more, WHY SHOULD WE TRY TO CONSIDER SOME OTHER CRAZY TAX OVER THIS ONE? They take and take from us with empty promise and hope! Look around you we are not free, I know now in my life time I will be on this earth to see GOVERMENT LOCKDOWN. Boarders closed guidelines and new rules (laws) as well as curfews around the nation. We will have the rich and the poor as the poor will die off and the mass production of human kind will be limited. How much is a marriage license??? Why not triple that fee, marriage this day and age is nothing because it is easy to do and easier to divorce. Taxing couples for each child they produce, taxing the elderly for medications they need to survive so they won�t be able to purchase it and they will die sooner saving the government from supporting them any longer. I disagree with all of this. I believe we should stand as one nation and do not allow the government to take over our personal lives. I know I will not go down with out fighting every tax they try to impose because of poor spending on the government�s part! I am proud to be an American but who ever is laying in bed at night dreaming up these crazy ways to raise money to save the government is insane! When is enough going to really be enough??? Some may not agree with my view on this but I do, and it will boil down to a controlled society and if you don�t blend well with it and conform then you�re gone! I'm going to go write a book now a best seller; I bet they will try to tax me on every letter I write. To anyone who reads my comment peace be with you and believe in yourself and what you believe is right and wrong."
-- West

"I had gastric by pass, this is unfair, that I need to pay the government to look normal again. I thought we had the Boston Tea Party for this..."
-- Christine, M.Ed.

"I will not only vote these people out of office I will go out and work to see that these idiots in office never get elected again"
-- Arlene

"We are taxed on so many things already. Now this! It is not for the Senate to again be involved in another aspect of the individual"
-- Diane, MD

"This tax is absurd!! There is no justice in taxing for something of this nature. Stop the madness!!"
-- Linda

"First Obamacare is taking mammograms than papsmears now a woman schoice to have elective plastic surgery done. What is next?? Say no to this man and his partners in ruining America within a years time!!!"
-- Stephanie, CST/CFA

"This bill is counter productive to the governments efforts to stimulate the economy. Is the government only worried about keeping the auto industry employees jobs? What about those of us that work in this field? It will directly impact all of those employed in the industry and from there will have a trickle down effect on all the industries that we solicit. I vote for a government subsidized Plastic surgery / Aesthetic Stimulus package! "
-- Jennifer, R.N.

"45-50% decline in cosmetic procedure in the U.S. A profession on the brink of collapse. A surtax may well destroy the profession. Please stop it."
-- Luciano

-- Smilja, direktor

"There are a lot of people in El Paso who have medical procedures who haved saved their money so that they can look better and this added tax,which will be added on, is a ''slap in the face''. Next thing-one will have a sales tax on every doctor visit. If you go to your urologist and get the glove when you bend over, you'll get the royal finger, one by the doctor and the other by the government in a tax on your rectum. "
-- Byron

"This represents a discriminatory tax on a single division of medicine. Who is the government to judge this arena as a sin tax when Nancy Pelosi can no longer move her face from all the work she's had done? Additionally this tax punishes middle class women ... this is not a tax "on the rich" as intended."
-- Don

"Get out of health care at all levels!"
-- Wayne

"Stop any tax for cosmetic procedures because of the bad economy, the low competitive charge for the patients. Most of the patient do those cosmetic procedures to improve their looking, to make them looks younger and more beautiful which improve their self esteem, help them to get better job. Most of people ask about cosmetic procedures are middle class people."

"I oppose the Plastic Procedure Tax. STOP IT!!!"
-- Edward, BS

"The Bo-Tax is regressive, discriminatory, unfair and will be impossible to administer. It discriminates against middle class women who want to look better and be more competitive in the job market. Where will it stop? Will the government have an excise tax on haircuts and salon treatments, eyewear and lasix. How will they differentiate between procedures such as breast reduction,breast assymetry, rhinoplasty with deviated septum, otoplasty, and cleft lip nasal deformities and the like. Will these be considered cosmetic if insurance doesn't cover them? This will be a bureaucratic nightmare. This is just the beginning of more intrusive ways that the government will tax individual groups so that they can say that they are not raising our taxes ingeneral. Why not create a revenue neutral way of increasing medical coverage for all? How about addressing the root causes of healthcare inflation?"
-- Joel, M.D.,M.B.A.

"The Bo-Tax is regressive, discriminatory, unfair and will be impossible to administer. It discriminates against middle class women who want to look better and be more competitive in the job market. Where will it stop? Will the government have an excise tax on haircuts and salon treatments, eyewear and lasix. How will they differentiate between procedures such as breast reduction,breast assymetry, rhinoplasty with deviated septum, otoplasty, and cleft lip nasal deformities and the like. Will these be considered cosmetic if insurance doesn't cover them? This will be a bureaucratic nightmare. This is just the beginning of more intrusive ways that the government will tax individual groups so that they can say that they are not raising our taxes ingeneral. Why not create a revenue neutral way of increasing medical coverage for all? How about addressing the root causes of healthcare inflation?"
-- Joel, M.D.,M.B.A.

"As a plastic surgeon, I do approximately 50% cosmetic, and 50% reconstructive procedures. But the vast proportion of my income comes from the cosmetic side, due to the rediculously low reimbursements obtained from reconstructive procedures. If the government wants to tax my cosmetic procedures, that is going to mean less patients and therefore less income. So how do I make that up? By taking more time to promote cosmetic surgery so that I can again try to bring in more patients. So what we end up with is even less time for the reconstructive procedures, and therfore both the cosmetic and reconstructive patients hurting. Our government's collective head is so far up their rectums that this whole thing is smelling more and more like....."
-- Peter, md

"This tax is BS if you parden my language!!! Is it not bad enough that we have to deal with everything that we have to deal with, having all the body issues we have with our medical conditions. Now, they want to tax sick people trying to make themselves look better??? This tax is a crock!!! Its bad enough that the government will not even help sick people with certain conditions that need plastic sugery just to feel like a normal person. To feel part of society again, and to not have people stair at you like you have some kind of contagiouse diesease!!!!! We have to pay out of our own pockets! This is the exact same situation as a woman who needs new breast implants after cancer. All she wants to do is be normal again and look normal and not be staired at and seen as a productive person in society. Now they want to tax us when most people work most of there lives to get some of these proceedures done. Just so that they can get back into society and feel Normal!! I'd like to see what would happen if anyone in congress would happen to need some kind of constructive sugery done and was denied????? How would they feel....feeling like you were so different from everyone else in the world just because of the way you look and then someone said to them "whoops sorry we just dont care about you..You are on your own....good luck" I am left speachless! Why dont they take the money and have people in congress start to ride in coach instead of private jets???? I bet if they do something like that....tons of money could be saved!!!!"
-- Lily

"stop this tax!!! What next? Too many government taxes already!!! This is discrimination!!"
-- Michel, Medical Esthetician

"This tax is discriminatory and inappropriate. The vast majority of cosmetic consumers are middle class and work hard for their money. This tax will hurt medical professionals as well. This means fewer jobs, less money being spent in the economy (GDP), and the tax is mean spirited in that it singles out a particular group of individuals for no reason other than they are a good target. Why not tax all the rich Hollywood actors, directors, and businessmen? Or how about rich lawyers? Or how about rap stars? Or maybe professinal athletes? Or how about taxing the bejesus out of George Soros? This is just more stupid government greed and incompetency."
-- James, md

"seems very abusive that the government is singiling out cosmetic procedures to be taxed"
-- Santos

"Aesthetic Procedures should not be taxed! The U.S. Govt. needs to stop spending and wasting our hard-earned tax dollars. "
-- Barbie, Nursing

"There is only 100% in 100%!!! When we have been taxed 100% then where will they get the new taxes from????"
-- Erika

"Please do not pass anymore taxes on the middle class. This will only eliminate jobs, not spur them."
-- Shelley

"New Jersey already has a Cosmetic Procedures Tax. This would be a double tax for us."
-- Susan, M.D.

"This bill is clearly discriminatory and could be challenged on its constitutionality. I am vehemently opposed!"
-- Philip, M.D.

" I think that if the plastic procedure tax passes , more people will go to South America to have the procedure they want.They will come with problems to the E.R and we, the people, will have to pay for the care of a complication."
-- Ivo, md

"This is onerous, biased, unfair and written with a robin hood mentality."
-- Donald, MD

"Stop stealing our money!!! This is an outrageous tax. Most of these procedures are all out of pocket, if cosmetic, and are costly to begin with. Don't punish people for trying to look and feel better about themselves."
-- Paula

-- Pamela, High School

"This is rediculous!!"
-- Michelle

"tax hardship on women, most are not rich....also botox is used medically for many afflictions"
-- Loretta

"I am against taxing these services."
-- Marie

"I appeal the President, Senate and Congress to stop Plastic Surgery/procedure tax."
-- Balvant, MD

"This is preposterous. We are already overtaxed. The patients' hlth ins probably won't pay for the procedures and to pile a tax on top is criminal."
-- Frances, Associate from NTAC

"This is disastarous tax considering that I have lost 60 to 70% of non invasive cosmetic business in the last 2 years!!... and most of my colleagues hae gone out of business. It is hard to get these patients to come back without a severe discount, but to impose an additional 5% fee will put us all out of business. I will make sure that any lawmaker that will vote for this bill gets voted out of office by campaigning and spending my last cent to inform all my patients and fellow physicians to make sure they vote them out of office."
-- George, MD

"Not only is this tax descriminatory,it will not generate enough money to cover the bureaucratic cost of collection, & will result in more jobs lost as it reduces revenues of cosmetic practices. ( I am both a surgeon & a patient. )"
-- Lawrence, M.D.

"this is not right"
-- Vijay, MD

"I feel this tax unfairly singles out women for excessive taxation."
-- Patti, MD

"This Health care bill has nothing to do with better medicine. This is a tax bill, pure and simple."
-- Marcus, MD

"There are numerous levels in which taxing cosmetic proceedures is unjustified. One is the basic fact that the government shouldn't have these controls on discretionary spending. The nation has an image focus through every level of visual marketing and advertising. People should decide for themselves without government intervention on whether to alter their body image for their own satisfaction or for professional reasons. This is a true invasion of privacy, and indirectly even a HIPA violation...."
-- Jeffrey, MD

"For decades the robust power of perception and image as a direct tie-in to influence and persuasion has reshaped the dynamics of the job market. Aesthetic concerns create common ground for patients whose competitive advantage is superseded by their appearance. The price of imperfections in a society that idealizes perfection reaches far beyond financial consequence. This is shameful."
-- Ariel, M.D.

"this is just another tax on those that make a better than average living...we pay higher percentage of income and now get taxed on cosmetic procedures? Explain to me how WE contributed to the problem and why WE have to pay for it. Luxury taxes destroyed the boat and small plane business and will do the same here..."
-- Paddy, J.D.

"Taxing medical procedures, even cosmetic procedure, is simply the wrong approach to solve the health care problem"
-- Tomas, MD

"Does no one realize without these exams that the cost for insurance companies will go up, it someone get cancer that could have been caught early. Do they realize how a woman would fill with out a breast that had to have hers removed due to cancer. How bad your back hurts when you are carring all of that extra weight from your breast being to large. Walk in a woman's shoes for a couple of months and see what it is like. Does anyone really think that a woman enjoys a mammogram, pap smears?? "
-- Frances

"What about our jobs??? The hospital laid me off due to the economic crisis, and this was the only job I could get."
-- Janine, LPN

"Vote down the whole unlawful health care bill."
-- Betty

"outrageous, descriminatory"
-- Martin, m.d.

"Keep your hands off of our health care."
-- John

"This tax would make more patients go to Canada and Mexico. This means more money spent out of country. These procedures are already over priced."
-- Janet


"Please Stop. Scratched in the dirt of a big rig going down the road with consumer goods, etc. "here's your change" "
-- Kristina, AAS,BS,BS,DC

"It's a choice for all incomes"
-- Nance

"The last thing we need in this economy is more taxes!!"
-- James, MD

"This tax did not work in New Jersey, and it will not work now. It is discriminatory against middle class women, and it will simply create more confusion and paperwork for patients. Another terrible idea by a clueless politician."
-- Robert, MD, FACS

"This is one more tax to fund various forms of welfare, which the proposed health care "reforms" are about. People who work and deserve their funds should not be taxed to pay for the lazy and irresponsible."
-- Marvin

"There are many other procedures that are also cosmetic..e.g. Bariatric surgery....that isn't being considered for a tax"
-- Beverly, R.N.

"Wake up people. This has never been about healthcare, it has been about government control and the destruction of free agency and individual responsibility. It is not democrat against republican or liberal against conservitive. It is about the destruction of america as we know it. Read Karl Marx. over 225 years of the greatest expansion of human freedom, human rights and personal prosparity in the history of the world GONE!"
-- Bill

"ENOUGH! Cosmetic surgery is not only for the welathy. Many of the patients are hard working people who have saved their hard earned money. Many "borrow" the money through credit cards, loans or home equity loans and are already paying interest and now they are taxed on top of it. Also, many people need to be competitive in the more youthful job market and need a procedure to be competitive. "
-- Theodore, MD

"ENOUGH! Cosmetic surgery is not only for the welathy. Many of the patients are hard working people who have saved their hard earned money. Many "borrow" the money through credit cards, loans or home equity loans and are already paying interest and now they are taxed on top of it. Also, many people need to be competitive in the more youthful job market and need a procedure to be competitive. "
-- Theodore, MD

"People save there whole life to make there apperance better.Which actually helps you in the job market. Your apperance does count and this is unfair."
-- Jeannine

"Why not go after viagra and sporting events? Stay away from my mammograms and cosmetic procedures!!!! You couldn't run a simplistic program like cash for clunkers. I have no faith that you will be able to run a complicated health care system. "
-- Fiona

"This is absolutely ludicrous. A sign that the end is near for life as we know it in the USA. I am afraid of the repercussions from the populace at large."
-- Frank, MD

"There is NO BENEFIT for creating this tax. I thought the idea of a health care program was to decrease costs not to increase them. How does adding 5% tax to some medical care decrease that for all? The cost of implementing and running the collection of the tax will cost almost as much or more than the revenues it brings in. Once this is passed, the government will simply look for other procedures to tax, and who is to determine what is necessary or unnecessary? Does that mean that a patient who is born with one breast that doesn't develop symmetrically is having unnecessary surgery when it has been conclusively shown to improve her self esteem. Is self esteem not important? This is a truly overburdening attempt to socialize and ration medical aware fellow americans, I fear there is much more to come. This is NOT CHANGE we can live with. I say vote every person who votes for this out of office! "
-- Dennis, MD

"we are already being taxed to death. I see no sense continuing breaking my back working if I can't get anywhere doing it. Plastics patients help keep the doors open at my clinic. Medicare and medicaid dont pay enough. If my plastic surgery patients decline I am not going to keep working for peanuts and many others feel as I do. Don't pass this unless you want a Dr Shortage."
-- David, M.D.

"This is a discriminatory tactic with no real benefit. It places an extreme burden on those who have already chosen to go outside the insurance industry for procedures they feel are important."
-- Ruth, Ph.D., PA-C,

"this tax is discriminatory against women primarily and thus unfair. The amount of revenue collected will be minescule compared to the hassels and lost revenue that the surgery would have generated in regular taxes."
-- Robert, md

"Please stop the Tax"
-- Eunice

"It seems that in the US our politicians & government don't care about it's people except to suck them dry with as many taxes as possible.Someone needs to regulate the amount of money our government can spend. Billions of dollars are spent everywhere but here, and when they need more money, it's more taxes. I guess they never heard the saying,"charity begins at home" The only people that seem to live good are the rich, start with them instead of the average american shouldering most of the burden. This country needs a major overhaul as it is heading for disaster."
-- Jill

"this tax is an outrage. please squash it immediately. you are unfairly targeting women and middle class...also many plastic surgeons will shut their doors as they are functioning in this economy at 5% margin... MORE UNEMPLOYMENT!"
-- Darshan, MD

"Why not tax Burger King, McDonalds and the other fast food restaurants that whose food has proven to be a burden on society with increased obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Taxes have two purposes: Raise money and infulence behaviour. Why not tax, for medical purposes, those actions which adversely effect health? "
-- Philip, MD

"This seems to penalize hard working people who has some disposable income , and is helping to keep our economy. Are we in Venezuela or the USA?????"
-- Mara, MD

"It's bad enough that insurance doesn't cover cosmetic procedures. Now there is a tax making them more expensive. "
-- Daniel

"This is a ridiculous proposal. More of big government trying to dominate our lives!"
-- Kenneth

"I believe that this is direct attack on the American public and is not constituional."
-- William, BS , MBA

"I am against the tax on cosmetic procedures."
-- Marie

"Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery patients pay for their procedures out of pocket, I do not believe they should incur further taxation (penalty). I also disagree on the assumption that these patients are all in an upper income bracket--they are not. They are working individuals that have saved their money to have these services performed."
-- Jane

"There is a misconception among many that the majority of plastic surgery is breast augmentation on rich, spoiled women. In the year I have had my skin care practice at a plastic surgery center I have seen very few cases that fall into that category. We are a practice of 4 women who mostly treat middle class women and men who save over time for procedures, that are not covered, because they truly need them for reasons that insurance does not recognize. The economy has brought us to the brink of bankrupcy. This tax, if passed, will surely do us in."
-- Paula

"What does the Obama administration have against women, business owners and physicians? "
-- Vicky, B.A.

-- Deana M

"As not only a professional but as a patient, these procedures are elective. No one but the patient is paying for this. SO, now, we are to be charged a surcharge because we can elect to pay for procedures. While I still pay for private care and I will eventually paying and funding some else care. What ever happened to Med-i-cal to help the ones who couldn't afford it. What happened is they were pushed out of the system because the limits of their income...poor working class broke. But don't tax those who are paying their own bills and can afford to have an elective surgery if we choose."
-- Denise, RDH

"These procedures are totally outside the health care insurance plans. The patient is paying the entire cost which is substantial. Why should this cost even more??? "
-- Katherine, MBA, CPA

"This is an outrage!!!!! We are taxed enough already!"
-- Brenda, MD

"This is a classic example of double tax the "rich." Not only will the providers of cosmetic procedures have increased taxes based on the government's definition of "rich," but with the proposed cosmetic tax, business will decline effectively causing a double "tax." Since cosmetic practices are small businesses, this will also impact the financial viability of the small businesses, cause layoffs and increase the already rising unemployment rate. This is a classic example of how the intense quest to pass a new health care bill overshadows the facts of what the negative repercussions will be for the US economy and patients who can already afford health care today."
-- Wade, MHA

"This is crazy what is nex being taxed if we go to the hospital or doctors office. I treat a lot of people who have had part of their nose or face removed from cancer and help to build the part up so it does not show as much now they will be taxed??????????"
-- Marylyn, RN, PhD

"Enough! We are already taxed to death! The government needs to butt out!!! "
-- Susan


"I feel that this is definately outragous to tax an indivisual for comestic procedures. In most cases these procedure directly impact the way a person feels about themselves and life. Most importantly you are taxing a company for providing a life changing service."
-- Tunisia, Batchelor


"what else !!!"
-- Ahmed, MD

"It is dangerous. These guys drag this country into socialism. "
-- Oleg, MD

"Our govt seems to be out of control. How do we stop this madness?"
-- Loren, VMD

"Absolutely ridiculous! People SHOULD be allowed to feel better about themselves and their appearance without being penalized. How else do you plan to tax us for the continued poor choices made in administration of the automobile manufacturers and those "geniuses" on Wall Street? You are punishing the wrong income bracket. Not only do I work in the medical field, I am a patient! "
-- Sheila, Medical Secretary

"This new government and all its �Change� needs to be stopped. Instead of preserving the freedom we (Soldiers) fight for and everything the American people have worked so hard for, it�s destroying the American way of life."
-- Monica

"This is nothing else but extorsion from patient!"
-- Andrew, MD

"I am both a Cosmetic Surgeon & a Patient....And I will not tolerate any discriminatory Cosmetic Surgery TAX!! What a farce! Get MAD America. Protect your FREEDOM for heaven's sake. Throw the bums out!!!"
-- Robert, MD,FACS

"Adding a tax on to Botox will only hurt the consumer. Small businesses will have no choice but to pass this tax on to the consumer and raise prices. Higher prices means it will be harder for middle to lower class consumers access these types of services. "
-- Santo

-- Jean

"Being a business owner I am oppossed to this type of tax. These types of treatments are expensive enough and with the current economy it's hard enough to get patients or clients to come in for these services. I own a med spa and would be very upset to lose business over something like this. It would definately pose an issue within my business"
-- Sheri

"These procedures are expensive enough."
-- Christina, BS in Interior Design

"This is outrageous!"
-- James, MD

"Socialism here we come, what's next , taxing the very air we breath, that would certainly make us all equal, except for the asthmatics and emphysema pt.s. Ridiculous Stop inhibiting our freedom"
-- Deborah, DR.

"Tax all procedures the same, or no procedures at all."
-- Barbara

"What else are you going to do the doctors? This is ridiculous. Why curtail our best citizens and most educated individuals. When are we going to tax the attorneys who are not as educated as the doctors?"
-- Georgia, BS Education

"We are opposed to this outrageous tax proposal. The U.S. politicians and President Obama are completely out of touch with reality. The Obama Administration has alienated every American with the most fragrant Federal spending in the history of this country. Furthermore, our patients and our daily radio show audience have voted President Obama as the worst President in the history of America."
-- Dan, NMD

"I am oppossed to this tax bill."
-- Grace

"Really... taxing the rich cuz they have money ... if my logic is correct, which it is, The majority of patients are Middle class, who outnumber the Wealthy. Way to cover up ur real reason why u need such a tax on plastic surgeries and other beauty procedures. Good job on adding more hard working, medical professionals out of work and into the unemployment status. No tax on Plastic Surgeries!!!"
-- Sarah

"I am very opposed to this bill. It's wrong for our government to punish those that need these procedures. It's hard enough to pay for them!"
-- Debra

"I am opposed to this portion of the bill"
-- John, MD

"Please stop this bill- Present medical care is making people not healthy- Preventive medicine, aesthetic procedures,and rejuvenating treatments will people younger and able to remain in the workforce longer- "
-- Carlos, MD

"What business model is such a tax based? The idea of taxing elective medical procedures is draconian and punitive."
-- Larry, PharmD

"Stop the taxing, the bailouts... enough is enough. B Dodson"

"Rediculous! Not all botox uses are cosmetic and what about dental veneers and crowns which are aesthetic and dentally necessary? Impossible to draw the line."
-- John, dds

" Get the government out of the medical profession."
-- Ed

"This tax didn't work when it was imposed in New Jersey, so why does anyone think it would work on a broader scale? The same person who originally proposed the tax in New Jersey later introduced legislation to repeal it, as even he recognized its failure. It is impossible in some cases to even calculate such a tax. For instance, how is the tax calculated when someone has a tummy tuck AT THE SAME TIME they have a hernia repaired? Part of the surgery is cosmetic and part is medically necessary, but the operating room and anesthesia times are intertwined. And, this is a tax ON THE MIDDLE CLASS! Surely, President Obama won't support this tax, as it would directly defy his campaign pledge to not raise taxes on any household making less than $250,000 a year."
-- Carmen, MD

"Why not tax the luxury sports cars, yachts, and other big ticket toys for boys?"
-- Gaylee, MD

"As a patient coordinator at a Plastic Surgery office, I strongly oppose this tax as it would greatly affect our office in a negative way. Why take it out on those people who just want to better themselves and their self esteem? "
-- Elizabeth

"This tax proposal is discriminatory,unfair, and sets a dangerous precident."
-- Barron, MD

"The people in Congress and the White House believe in the redistribution of wealth. It is a quasi-Communist/Fascist approach. They are sowing the seeds of revolutionary war. It is no coincidence that tea parties are growing. At some point their families will be in jeopardy just like ours are now. "
-- Ronald, md

"I find it hard to believe that the people we put in office that are suppose to be so intelligent can contiuously come up with such bad ideas, stop the maddness and abandon taxing cosmetic procedures, if not,it is for certain that this will aide in keeping this economy in a downward spiral and not a rise in growth."
-- Denise, Nurse

"another freedom down the drain"
-- Masha, Esthetician

"I cannot believe that the american people are letting the goverment run our lives. Why should anyone have to pay a tax on a personal procedure that they are paying for. I think that the goverment should tax all goverment employees 10% of annual gross pay just because we the american people are paying their salaries. Let see how far we get with this great idea."
-- Lari

"A tax on cosmetic procedures was tried in NJ and was a disaster. It forced patients to NY and PA. If we do this as a country, medical tourism to other countries will be rampant and many people will be injured as a result. I therefore, urge you to vote against any tax on cosmetic procedures."
-- Robert, MD

"Medical procedures elective or otherwise should never be taxed. "
-- Debra

"tax is ridiculous!!!It is not the government to intervene if I chose to have a procedure outside of insurance. "
-- Randi, JD

"This will kill an already slow recovery and end up with the doctors earning less and paying less in income taxes. There is a ripple effect that is not being considered."
-- Walter, MD

"I support the 5% tax. Why should my taxes pay for augmentation of normal breasts? We need the money to treat disease."
-- Frederic, MD

"Stop the taxing and spending. enough is enough. This will significantly impact many physicains and their patients. "
-- Gregory, MD

"Another politically correct tax?"
-- Robert, MD

-- Sharon, business owner

"Botox is used in children with cerebral palsey and spasticity. It is also used in children with Hirschsprung disease with sphincter dysfunction. These are not for cosmetic reasons but this may be an unwanted consequence of this tax."
-- Charles, MD

"This is crazy!! If you follow this line of thinking the next thing to have additional taxes would be haircuts, manicures, and massages. Why not carewashes? The list never ends..."
-- Jeffrey, D.O.

"I oppose the Bo-Tax idea. "
-- Chris, M.D.

"It makes no sense to tax an elective, luxury service that is not related to healthcare. New Jersey started this and they regreted it immediately. If you want to pay for healthcare then you should tax junk food and cigarettes and Alcohol - the things that actually have been directly responsible for making the country sick and increasing the cost of healthcare. Unfortunately, the "soda lobby" is powerful and they already run TV and radio ads trying to block a few penny increase on "soda tax" but the plastic surgery lobby is powerless and can easily be manipulated and made to pay. "
-- Shervin, MD

"further taxing the industry will lead to loss of jobs of the support personnel as the industry is already down 40% from 2007 in terms of profit"
-- Jeremy, MD

"sucha a tax would make it prohibative for some patients to continue to receive cosmetic services. Services performed by physicians are professional services. Why not tax accountants, lawyers and stockbrokers - some of those transactions are elective! "
-- Rita

"This is ridiculous! I already pay over 30% in taxes, what else can I give ...blood?"
-- Regina, MA

"necessary for profession"
-- Crystal, bs- business

-- Barbara, MSW

"I never had Botox and may never have it, but come on this is a little ridiculous with taxing cosmetic procedures. Find something else to tax."

"As someone who is firmly middle-class, I resent the tax on plastic procedures. Plastic surgery is a way to even the field, especially for those who otherwise would have to live with features that inhibit their abilities to be successful, professionally, socially, and romantically. To say that the world judges people based upon skills and/or character and that the middle class shouldn't care if we can't afford it, is cruel. Not only will the wealthy have an edge on people financially but there will become a greater gap psychosocially because the wealthy will be the only ones who can afford the procedures without going into great debt. Congress: Start using the money that you're given in ways that are appropriate and end the "fat" that is tied to bills and infuriates most Americans. We have enough money for schools. We have enough money for many things. You don't need to be given even more of the middle class's money. If Congress continues to add taxes to the burden of Americans while spending outrageously, you will come to be viewed as King George and Mother England, and you know how our patriot ancestors dealt with their high taxes. A backlash is coming. "
-- Lissa, BA in English

"No new taxes"
-- Kathy

"If I am willing to pay out of pocket costs for a procedure, do not use insurance, why should I be subjected to ANY tax. It is not any different than purchasing any other goods and services. Instead of taxing patients why not ask Obama - he is giving money out to anyone who asks (and some that don't)."

"Government has not business in this personal decision!!! Where will the control stop? No government intervention or tax!!"
-- Leona, B.S.

"Stop another bad tax idea!!"
-- Becky

"It's often not "vanity" that causes people to get cosmetic surgery, but rather to make themselves more competitive in the job market. I suggest rather than unfair new taxes, just raise taxes on the wealthier people and maybe close a few loopholes so they actually pay their fair share of taxes."
-- Debra

"Don't tax optional medical procedures"
-- Susannah, MBA

"Don't tax optional medical procedures"
-- Susannah, MBA

"Stop taxes on Plastic Surgery Procedures."
-- Pamela, Bachelor of Arts

"NO!!! This bunch in Wash DC has completely lost their minds. All the physicians and other professionals in this industry are small business people. Let's get busy helping them, not taxing them out of business. Can't wait to see hos long it'll take for them to try to tax the air we breathe."
-- Bill, BS, MBA

-- Gail

"Absolutely ridiculous!!!"
-- Brianne

"It just amazes me what could be next product if this get approved. I have to draw the line and say NO to this 10% increase in taxes for cosmetic procedures. "
-- Nancy, BBA

"Minnesota already taxes medical care providers to provide coverage for uninsured Minnesotans. However, this "extra" money is now being used to cover shortages in other areas of state finance--and we still don't have "universal coverage," though I suspect we could afford it if the state used the funds as statutes dictate. Now this "new" tax attempts to target anyone who has the financial wherewithal and interest in elective surgery; if indeed "unnecessary consumption" is deemed a taxable "good idea," then we should also tax vacations, fur coats, boats, jewelry, and any cut of meat,say, above ground beef. And don't forget baloney, because that's not necessary either. This is the biggest pile of baloney yet!"
-- Richard, MD


"That's rediculous!!! "
-- Jennifer

"When is it going to end????? "
-- John, MD

"Enough already! The working class and medical providers are already suffering enough! Elective procedures are being delayed as people continue to tighten their belts. As an aesthetic professional I am a provider and patient. Any proposal that raises the cost of elective procedures in this poor economic climate would only make things worse for struggling providers and further limit patient affordability."
-- Ruth, Aesthetician, electrologist

"Please consider taxing something that makes more sense, these procedures are "elective" and would affect more women than men (whom are probably the ones pushing for this!!)"
-- Gina, associate degree

"There is too much taxation and putting a tax on plastic procedures is taking taxation to the limit."
-- Pamela, Cosmetology, Paralegal Studies, and Business Administration

"Stop The Botox tax!"
-- Luci

"Like the creation of a healthy new smile, cosmetic body improvements have a tremendous confidence boost for patients that contributes to their total wellness. Making this even less afforable with taxation is contradictory to improving the health of our country."
-- Joanne, BA

"This is a form of class warfare and is disgusting."
-- Scott

"This tax is rediculous, and has no business even being written. Our clients come to us in a safe and trusting environment seeking to enrich their lives and feel better about themselves through beauty treatments such as these. If our industry is taxed like this, it wont prevent people from seeking this will force them to seek out unlicensed people, endure procedures in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, and potentially even go outside the U.S. for these services. Isn't the idea to keep our dollars here in the U.S.? Do not pass this Plastic Procedure doesnt make sense and its flat out WRONG!!!"
-- Michele, Licensed Cosmotologist

"This proposal will negatively impact small business owners, particularly solo and small estheticians. At a time when small businesses are struggling, this tax is ill-advised."
-- Christy, BBA, JD,LE

"Please, vote no on the Bo-Tax. The cosmetic business is already suffering due to the down-turn in the economy. With it, so are anesthesia providers, like myself, and other affiliated busineses. "
-- Theresa, BSN, CRNA

"This is crazy! We are working hard for a living, and people deserve to have our services without a 10% hike. Add an extra 10% to cigarrettes, something that people shouldn't have. "
-- Trisha

"I'm tired of government taxing people on everything and not getting anything in return whatsoever. I am against all taxes and for everything being privatized - schools, roads, health care, retirement plans. Taxes have gotten so out of control it's sickening. "
-- Stephanie

"What are they thinking? I thought they were suppose to help the economy in a time of need...not make it worse!!"
-- Maria

"How long before they tax haircuts??"
-- John

"I think this tax is unnecesary and unlawful. "
-- Karen

"This is unfair. This will affect my job and cause me to lose clients. I do not see how this would help our economy!"
-- Kelli, esthetician

"Plastic surgery is common among flight attendants. We are not wealthy people. I finnally saved up enough money for a facelift and I'm told that I'll be taxed. Totally unfair to the middle class "
-- Joyce, Bachlor of arts

"This is ridiculous!! Raise the tax on alcohol!!"
-- Kathleen

"I am 100% against this unnecessary tax."
-- Elizabeth

-- Patricia

"This has already been tried in New Jersey and failed miserably."
-- James, MD

"America is in a troubled time. This unreasonable tax would shrink the market and cause a large number of providers to leave the industry. Regulate the industry, don't tax it to death"
-- Sean, MHA

"It is very unreasonable and would be a deterrent to many patients including myself."
-- Phyllis, BA

"this is outrageous! whats next... what is our world comming to..."
-- Nicole

"I know many family doctors who side line in esthetics because of the high cost of being a doctor. Most of the doctors who do this have lowers rates in medicine and this suppliments the money lost so they may continue to provide reasonable health care!"
-- Dawn

"I am both a patient & a medical/aesthetic professional. Insurance doesn't cover these procedures. People who are wealthy won't particularly notice a 10% tax. Middle class will. And since cosmetic procedures mean more to women than to men, more middle class women will be negatively impacted. "
-- Karen, B.S., M.Ed.

"I am a family physician who has been seriously affected over the past 12 years I have been in practice. I am an excellent physician who probably spends too much time with patients (because it is the right thing to do) but doesn't get adequate reimbursement for my efforts. My income has decreased by approximately 40% over this time. I had the "opportunity" to open a "laser clinic" several years ago with the hope this business could pull me out of the crater family medicine has found itself in. Unfortunately this business has lost money due to the high overhead costs for a laser. Botox and Juvederm procedures are the only things that have helped me not lose everything. I can't imagine adding a larger burden at this point. I would like to request the government not tax cosmetic procedures. I also agree that if the main idea behind this is to raise money for the healthcare program, the government should tax items responsible for people's poor health (namely cigarettes and alcohol). "
-- Mindy, MD

"This is a ridiculous tax. Tot ax those who can afford to do something for themselves is outrageous. There is no reasonable basis for this kind of taxation and therefore should not be instated. "
-- Amy, esthetician

"why does the government feel the need to take away every untaxed thing we have. "
-- Collette, medical esthetician

"This is crazy....We need another tax...lets see we pay state, federal ,county, gas, hotel, rental taxes, phone taxes... Botox tax is NO!!!!"
-- Lisa, Spa Owner

"Why not tax the lifestyle choices that directly impact our healtchare costs - alchohol, tobacco, fast food - rather than those that may help someone's self-image and self-esteem?"
-- Chris, BA, MS, DDS

"This is crazy....We need another tax...lets see we pay state, federal ,county, gas, hotel, rental taxes, phone taxes... Botox tax is NO!!!!"
-- Lisa, Spa Owner

"Why don't they increase the taxes on the fast food sales? That's what causes most of the health problems in the USA."

"No way . "
-- Joy

"This is absurd. Why not tax fast food more since that is what's causing most of the health problems to begin with?"
-- Crystal

"Absolutely ridiculous"
-- Carrie

"NO MORE TAXES! Cut the pork spending!"
-- Denise

"Stop plastic surgery tax and other aesthetic procedures!!!!!!"
-- Carmen, Medical Esthetician

"I am a medical professional and a patient!!!!"
-- Nicole

"Ridiculous! What next?"
-- Kalthleen, J.D.

"Why tax people on these things?? Yes they are cosmetic, but if you tax them, then it will just cause friction between the practitioner and the client, when it's really the government who is doing this to our business. We are working hard just to stay in business let alone have to worry about more TAXes. "
-- Diane

"This tax crosses the line. Its an unfair tax. The government should not get to pick and choose areas to tax. Services should not be taxed. Standard medial services are not taxed, even Veterinary services are not taxed. Tax them all or none of them!"
-- Nikisha, Aesthetician

"I have never heard of anything so ridiculious. Our freedom is slowly slipping away unless we take a stand."
-- Darla, Professional

"THIS IS RIDICULOUS! They are saying they are trying to fix the economy, yet they are making more and more jobs lost due to their irrisponsible ways of "fixing" a problem that will fix itself."
-- Nicole, Esthetician

"That is just crazy. Then why not do the same for cutting your hair, shavers b/c you want to shave your legs, hair die b/c its not necessary. "
-- Ann

"Stop taxing people period. Why not start taxing yourselves for being idiots!"
-- Holly

"I just had some minor things done in preparation for my wedding day. I would hate to be taxed simply because I wanted to have beautiful photographs for the most important day of my life."
-- Madeline

"There should be no new taxes!"
-- Enoch, BS

"This is a discrimanatory tax in that it unfairly taxes woman and the middle class. It is also a tax that is difficult to define; what is elective and what isn't? Some of the noses I do are from trauma but insurance still wont pay for the repair; same for breast work due to cancer and many other examples. Kids with lop ears getting teased; showed we penalize the parents trying to help their childs self esteem? How about laxis, elective for vision. How about chiropractors and teeth whitening, all unecessary in congresses eyes? You guys need to stay out of the hard working professionals wallets and stop spending so much."
-- M Sean, MD

"just another excuse to take what we the people have earned for the government to spend like monopoly money"
-- Susan, yes

"How can you claim that this does not benefit patients. yes there is a cosmetic component to it, but the self esteem and confidence that are boosted provide an important emotional and psychological benefit to patients."
-- Gideon, D.O.

"I oppose this taxation"
-- Pam

"this is ridiculous! This is America where people have the right to choose what to do to their bodies. Another tax do dig us out of a hole dug by the government is not acceptable at all!"
-- David, DDS

"Aren't we being taxed enough? How about cutting government spending and giving us some of our money BACK!"
-- Cyndi

-- Mina

"I oppose any more taxation."
-- Sheryl

"This tax would be a ridiculous attempt to cure the healthcare woes of America. "
-- Richard, DMD

"I oppose this tax!"
-- Judy

"such a tax would b a disaster for my practice. I feel this is a major attack on women in America. Is Obama saying "just stay ugly"."
-- Norman, MD

"Using medically non-invasive maintenance techniques to maintain what God gave us for our faces and bodies is the same as going to the health club to excercise to maintain our bodies in good shape. (Are you planning to tax that as well ?) Furthermore maintaining what God gave us in our appearance plays an important role in emotional well being and self esteem and thus enhances our interpersonal interactions and our daily functioning. Providing a pleasant countenaccee for all people that surround us in our daily lives makes it pleasant for everyone.We should not be taxed for creating positivity. Why don't you tax negative things instead like alcohol, tobacco, video games, strip clubs, casinos ? Furthermore if you tax Botox, you will take away the small pleasures in life to many of my patients that are not so well off financially but have such joy in being able to do something for their own maintenance such as botox, even though they are barely able to afford it. If you tax it , you will make this totally unaffordable for the little people who save up every 4 months for their little gift to themselves that they can barely afford even without the tax. Lets allow even the little people to continue to be able to do something good for themselves ! Dont take it away from them ! If you only new the difference a decent appearance can have in someone's life, building up their confidence their self esteem and thus their performance and positive outlook on life ! Instead make the alcohol and tobacco unaffordable ! Thank you for your consideration."
-- Anna, MD

"Please do not allow this to happen. Most of my patients are people trying to re-enter employment at an older age and are at a distinct disadvantage."
-- Christy, DO

-- Stephen, D.O.

"Obama and the Democrats are going to raise my taxes first. They then will tack on another 5% in additional taxes to pay for some type of universal health care. They then may require me to pay a certain amount of additional money to cover health care for all my employees. Now, they are going to single out my industry for an additional %10 tax in the middle of a recession that will drive away additional business. They are single-handedly trying to drive my business and everything I have worked for into the ground."
-- Gregory, MD

"Between soaring malpractice insurance costs, staff salaries and office expenses, most doctors nowadays can barely keep up with their overhead. Adding a 10% tax would make their services less affordable to patients and add insult to injury."
-- Rima, PhD

"I concur to all the previous statements. Seriously! "
-- Michelle

"Taxing aesthetic surgery is unfair and will create a lot of problems both among practitioners and patients. Sincerely, George Bitar MD, FACS"
-- George, MD

"It's important for my mental well-being to like what I see in the mirror every day. I believe God wants us to make the best of what we have, and cosmetic procedures allow that. Cosmetic procedures have finally become affordable for moderate income people. People are going to have to work longer because of the financial crisis, and when you are in the workplace, appearancce counts for a lot. So-called cosmetic procedures may help a person who has been bullied or cruelly teased about his/her appearance. Some people are so embarrassed about certain flaws they avoid socializing with people. The govt needs to butt out on this one."
-- Bernadette

" insurances don't cover our stuff is just a pleasure have it. my self i'm work to look good and all the time i paid the all amount no body help me. goverment let us have some fun!!!"
-- MARIA, patient

"The government belongs outside of the examination room! Health care is between the patient and the healthcare professional! I am also a registered nurse."
-- Rise, BS

"More taxation does not stimulate our economy. It is completely outrageous that the government seeks to solve the financial deficit it has created by assaulting the general public with facetious taxes. "
-- Dania

"Elective medical procedures are expensive enough without having to endure taxes, too. This is a definite harm to the medical industry especially during this economy."
-- Christina, Bachelors

"Please no more taxes."
-- Cheryl

"These procedures are paid out of pocket anyway, why is the government concerned what I spend my money on?? Land of the Free??? Little by little the government tries to compensate for their foolish overspending with more rediculous TAXES. Enough."
-- Tara

"ridiculous, more government control "
-- Rhonda

"Putting a 10% tax on cosmetic procedures is just as ridiculous as the luxury tax on cars which disappeared b/c politicians of both genders WANT their luxury vehicle for personal vanity "showoff" bragging rights. People wanting to look their best for their job or personal self esteem deserve the right of choosing how to spend their hardearned money without being taxed by the government. Why don't politicians pay a 10% tax on every expensive meal and cocktail meeting out of their OWN pockets. Those meetings/discussions could be done in their offices over glasses of tap water and in one year their savings for the federal budget would be more than they garner from a 10% plastic surgery tax. "
-- Mary Lynn, Bachelor, Master, Specialist

"I'm both a medical professional(sonographer) and a patient. This tax is too high on already costly procedures!"
-- Tamara, bachelors/ RDMS

"This is ridiculous!"
-- Dana

"Is Obama going to tag our e-mail for disagreeing on this as well??? Go ahead!"
-- Susie

"How dare they!"
-- Terri

"I think it is wrong to discourage woman and men from feeling better about themselves. They use extra cash to pay for these non-insuranced covered services. What was the point of a "stimulus" package if not to encourage people to spend on extra things that are not necessary (i.e. food, gas, etc). Will we soon be getting a bailout like other failing industries? NO! Because we are self-sufficient. Why are you punishing us?"
-- Maggie

"I am not a medical/aesthetic professional. However, I am considering some eyelid surgery as it slightly impairs my eyesight. Since my insurance won't pay for it; I will be paying for it out of my pocket. These procedures SHOULD NOT BE TAXED!! Stop the madness!"
-- Jo Ann, A.A.S.

"I am considering some of the services in the future that will fall within the potential tax increase. I do not find it fair for the government to tax this kind of thing. What's next, board games because we could be doing something better with our time?"
-- Audrey

"I feel paying for these procedures isn't covered by insurance and should NOT be taxed in any way. "
-- Cheryl

"I am sick and tired of our government looking for ways to take our hard earned money! Learn how to work with what you have----that's what the rest of us have to do!"
-- Kindra

"I am sick and tired of our government looking for ways to take our hard earned money! Learn how to work with what you have----that's what the rest of us have to do!"
-- Kindra


-- C

"Really? what is next? I'm not rich, but I want to look my best. This is unbelievable, we are in the U.S. right?"
-- Yvette, yes

"If you feel better I have always felt you work harder and are more productive, enough is enough"
-- Mary Pat, aa

"This is unfair tax. We pay enough and there is no reason for the government to now come up with another way to strip the american people of hard earned money. Who decides what is unnecessary - the insurance companies? What a joke - it's a fight to get them to consider cancer as an illness and now they are going to want to step in and make another decision of what is accepted or not? We already pay thousands for procedures they 'deem not necessary'....Stop this craziness!"
-- Suzanne

"As a woman in a man's profession, I already deal with discrimination on a daily basis. Please don't add another form of discrimination against women. These cosmetic procedures improve self-esteem which can lead to improved health. We are essentially already taxed more for these procedures because we cannot count these as medical deductions or use funds in a Health Savings Account."
-- Melinda, B.S. in math, B.S. and M.C.E. in civil engineering

"Taxing cosmetic procedures is not the way to pay for a health care reform. this is a personal decision and the government has no right to tax peoples's decisions."
-- Adonis, M.D.

-- Gigi, anesthetist

"As a physician who does not perform any cosmetic procedures I am concerned about this. Especially that people will go overseas to have a procedure which is taxed and now too expensive to have performed in the US. They will then not be able to get appropriate follow-up. Also, it may be inferior in a foreign country and the patients will suffer. Also, as someone married to a dentist, I do not not consider tooth whitening to be a cosmetic procedure. It is part of good dental hygiene to have your teeth cleaned and the whitening removes stains that occur during eating. It is ridiculous to tax this."
-- Jane, MD

"the majority of these patients are actually middle class people and often use credit for their surgeries. this would have the exact opposite effect of stimulating the economy. its also a tax specifically directed at women."
-- Brian, MD

"I agree tax those items that affect people's health negatively like alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine. Don't tax things that affect people and limit feelings of youth and attractiveness. Maybe society would become healthier if taxes were put on those negative items. Of course, they won't do that because there are too many lobbyist for cigarette and alcohol companies to contend w/ in politics. So sad that politicians have to be lead by a leash by THEM. "
-- Lisa, BSN Nursing

"No plastic Procedure Tax"
-- Donna

"I am completely and utterly discouraged with this administration and their great desire to have this country become a socialist nation. I think they may even approve of communism. "
-- Elisa

"The problem comes in administering this very subjective tax. What is cosmetic and what is medically necessary? I think there is more to this than just taking money from plastic surgeons."
-- Jay, MD

"Between weight loss and aging, getting a better you is something that all adults should be able to do without the penalty of taxation. Whatever could the reason be for such invasion of attempting to feel better about one's self."
-- Joan

"I wish the government would stop digging into OUR pockets so that they can have their fun recklessly spending OUR money on whatever THEY deem appropriate (or perhaps benefiting from it directly themselves.) "
-- Linda


"Stop the Bo-TAX. Enough is enough."
-- Doug

"This is the LOWEST!!!!!!!!!!"
-- Cathy, RDH

"Tax the people that will not take care of themselves and indulge in junk food, cigarettes, soda and liquor. Maybe then this country would become healthy and medical costs would go down. The goverment will pay health care while these addicts become more overweight and ill from lifestyle."
-- D.

"Chris Patronella"
-- Chris, MD

"Who of you have the qualifications to determine what surgeries and procedures are needed by any particular patient either for their mental and/or physical health. Will such a tax be applied to penile implants as well as breast implants???"
-- Patricia, B.S. & B.A.

"I'm so sick of being taxed left and right for everything. Taxing more will lead to LESS spending - not more. "
-- Maria, Bachelors in Science

"Most people who have cosmetic procedures done are female. I think since women get paid less than men and take care of the family, the home and work, we are discriminated against enough already. Leave us some little pleasure in life!"
-- Diane

"Now you will have more people going abroad for these procedures!!! Medical tourism is gaining ground because of prices here in the States already! I am one that has decided to go abroad for my cosmetic needs because of this. I can't afford it here! If our government makes this HUGE mistake by taxing these types of procedures, more and more patients will be forced to go abroad also. Our government needs to WAKE UP and take a good long look at what they're doing before implementing such a ridiculous tax! Idiots!!"
-- Michele

"I am opposed"
-- Roseann, yes

"If you need more revenue because of all the war expenditures, tax across the board and not just the plastic procedure tax."
-- Inge

"This is absurd for this reason. It is a discretionary cost that a patient can fully shop for and negotiate with a surgeon about. The contribution to overall medical costs is relatively small. It is taking advantage of older women in a sexist ageist society that so devalues women who aren't attractive. Then you want to punish women who are trying to do something about it? "
-- M C, Master's level

"tax, sugar and soda - things that are harmful to our health"
-- Laura, Assoc. of Applied Science, Dental Hygiene

"Stop this never-ending tax-everything madness!!! Let government bureaucrats figure out how to spend less and just do without when necessary like us taxed-to-death and beyond citizens."
-- Ellen

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